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Aryan Infotrain

Aryan Infotrain has been at the forefront of imparting Training for Sales & Telemaketing teams for various companies and corporates. Our clients have found the results so amazing that they regretted not calling us earlier. The right training not only works wonders for a sales/telemaketing team of the company but also provides valuable feedback/insights to the company with regards to the reasons for the team non-performance or underperformance.

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Features of the Training Program

Each of your sales person will have a unique selling style and he or she is able to express this during the Role playing exercise. This is followed by sales training technique to enhance an individual's selling style.

This will teach your executives the rapport building skills to open a relationship. They will be exposed to the listening skills required to wait for all the answers. And they will also learn about the key factors necessary to close.

We follow up on all our programs to check the implementation and see how the strategies learned are helping your business get more sales.

We conduct specific telemarketing workshops for call centres, companies and other corporates.

Each telemarketing training program is customised to your company, your industry and your people's needs. Your team are exposed to Powerful tools & techniques for optimum performance.