Training Programs

  1. Interactive Exercises with Full Participation: Role-playing is a great exercise that can help your sales team understand different sales scenarios. We understand that each member’s skills and strengths will be different. We help them hone their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
    We also develop unique sales training technique to enhance every individual’s selling style.
  2. Communication Skills: This is the toughest soft skill to master. Every sales and telemarketing team member should be an expert in this so that they can close the deal successfully.
    We train the members on how to build rapport with your clients to build a lasting relationship. They won’t just be taught how to talk to your customers but also listen to them. We will teach them listening skills which is important to understand the clients’ questions before responding to them.
    Apart from these, they will learn other skills that are required to make a successful sale.
  3. Unique Follow-Up Program: We don’t believe in just designing a training program and training the teams once. We are there with you even after the training has been completed.
    We follow up on all the programs to check how the strategies are working for your business. We ensure that the results are being delivered and the sales team is following the program as required. This helps us identify any areas that the team can improve on and how they can get more sales for the business.
  4. Telemarketing Workshops: Telemarketing is not easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of patience and skill to close a sale over a call. This is why we conduct specific telemarketing workshops for call centres, companies and other corporates.Each telemarketing training program is customised to your company, your industry and your people’s needs. You will be equipped with tools and techniques that will help you deliver optimum performance.